Bates Motel on A&E

A&E-Bates Motel

Experiential marketing is most successful when brands find ways to tie themselves to the emotional or intellectual value that an experience brings to a consumer. Experience operates on every dimension that matters most to engaging consumers: time, place, sensory, immersive, and totally personal. A&E and Civic Entertainment Group called on The Flipside Team during the SXSW Festival because they wanted to showcase the launch of The Bates Motel Series. Realizing that many of the SXSW customers value a novelty experience above material possessions, A&E decided to fly in the actual live set from The Bates Motel series and let consumers create a short personalized video on the “live” set. This short video was instantly turned into a flipbook for them to takeaway and they were able to tweet out their GIF file to all their friends to see from their mobile devices. On The Flipside operated for for four days at Buffalo Billiards and the lines were non-stop!

The successful activation was featured in the May SXSWORLD® Magazine.

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