What is included in the event packages?

InstaGrin Selling Features

Measuring 20" high X 13" wide X 19" deep, it offers two interactive photo touchpoints:

• The stationary booth location (acting as an open air photo booth)

• Guest smartphones using Instagram or Twitter

All photos taken, stationary and mobile, have custom-branding applied to them and can be:

•Shared direct to social media


•Printed onsite

...all direct from the InstaGrin touchscreen

Photos can also be:

•Streamed to Facebook in real-time using photo stream

This is consumer-generated photo activation in its purest form!

Upgrades Available

  • Batch upload to a gallery on Facebook after the event – $40.00
  • Option to collect user data before the photo is printed out – $50.00
  • Shareable video montage of all the photos set to license free music. This will be able to be shared on all social media outlets and will have the code to embed in their website- $75.00
  • Themed costumed staff – We bill actual, but it usually cost around $75.00 or less for 2 Staff Members
  • Ipad Interactive Stations - $75.00 per station

How much does it cost to have the InstaGrin Photo Booth at my event?

For pricing or an individualized quote, please refer to our package page or inquire at info@flipsidexperience.com

What do you need from the event venue in order to set up?

We request an indoor 5 foot x 5 foot area (to accommodate our photo booth measuring at 20"x13"x19", with room for guests to stand in front), but can be slightly flexible depending on the layout of the venue. We also need one nearby standard wall outlet (20amps) as well as a strong, private WiFi internet connection (256kb upload speed). If your venue is unable provide wireless internet, we can furnish it at an additional charge.

How does the InstaGrin process work?

  • The InstaGrin Photo Booth is a small kiosk that we roll into your event, ready to activate.
  • Guests can have their photo taken right at the booth, or share their tailored photos directly from their smart phones using Instagram or Twitter and a predetermined hashtag.
  • All photos are printed in a client branded 4x6 layout and can be shared via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

How does social sharing work with InstaGrin?

The client is responsible for creating a unique hashtag specific to the event- the hashtag shouldn't be too long, you want your guests to be able to type this in easily. Guests use the event-specific hashtag in the tagline of their Instagram or Twitter photos to upload to our kiosk to be printed out.

*To ensure that photos upload, the guest's social media accounts must be public. Privacy settings can be easily and temporarily changed to allow for photo uploading, our team members are happy to help instruct guests on exactly how to do this.

Do you do outdoor events?

Yes we do. However, we need covered, enclosed protection from the sun, wind, and rain. Computers and printers have difficulty operating in temperatures over 95 degrees, so please keep this in mind. Please let us know if you would like us to be outdoors when you request a quote so we can plan accordingly to accommodate for different conditions.

Do you travel to events outside of the Austin area?

Yes, we do! Hotel and travel expenses to locations outside of the Austin area will be billed at actual cost. We charge $30.00 per hour for two team members to travel and $.50 for roundtrip mileage. One hotel room for two staff to share is billed at $125.00 unless you are able to secure a decreased rate through your event booking with your hotel.

Do your packages include set-up and breakdown?

Yes, all packages include 1 hour set-up and 1 hour of breakdown in addition to the numbers of operating hours you booked for the event. Should you require additional hours of either, they will be billed at $40.00 per hour requested.