How does the Flipbook process work?

  1. A 10 x 10 mobile studio is set up at your event.
  2. A person or group of people stand in front of the camera with or without props.
  3. A 7 second video is recorded while your guests dance, play with props, hold up signs, blow kisses, or just be themselves.
  4. Once they review their performance and like it, we convert the 7 second video into 60 frames, print it, cut it, and bind it into a Flipbook on the spot!
  5. When your guests flip their Flipbooks, they'll see the short video they created and leave your event with a memento that they will want to share over and over again! Check out our video gallery to see samples of our team in action!

It’s that simple. The whole process just takes minutes! Your guests will forever have a customized keepsake that will brighten their day for years to come!