Give your event a social media buzz by breaking down the walls of traditional photo booths! Guests can take it old school and pose for a photo in front of the photo bar, or unleash the power of social media by taking and tailoring their own photos and hashtagging their way to an instant print-out and an Instagrin!

Package Features

The best part about our InstaGrin Studio is the variety of things you can do with the booth. It is ready to take pictures, gifs, boomerangs and even short videos. So no matter what your guests are into it is ready to help them create instant memories that will be sent straight to their phone.

All photos taken, stationary and mobile, have custom-branding applied to them and can be:

  • Shared directly to social media
  • Emailed
  • Printed onsite

...all directly from the InstaGrin touchscreen

Photos can also be uploaded to Facebook in real-time using photo stream.

Upgrades Available

  • InstaGrin Photo Sleeves made of a quality heavy duty clear plastic.
  • Early set-up
  • Travel outside of Austin
  • Custom Branded InstaGrin Kiosk (4 sides)
  • InstaGrin custom #Hashtag signage or flyers
  • Event Photo Album- Your guest will get one copy of their photo and our team will place the other copy in your acid free archival photo album along with a special message from each guest
  • Instant onsite email and lead capture program. All data collected is available in Microsoft Excel CSV file
  • Custom made signs for you and your guest to use as props
  • Creation of custom step and repeat
  • Custom branded online photo gallery
  • Shareable video montage of all the event photos set to license free music
  • Outdoor 10x10 Tent set-up and breakdown
  • Additional Social Media Sharing Stations
  • Flipside staff dressed in themed costumes